Wings of Kindness: A Feathered Tale


"Wings of Kindness: A Feathered Tale" is based on the bible's verse Matthew 22:39

This book is a heartwarming and spiritually uplifting tale set in a cozy forest, where the Featherton family discovers the profound gift of forgiveness. Through their encounters with wise forest creatures and the guidance of Mama Featherton, they come to understand the importance of forgiving one another as a reflection of God's love. The story beautifully illustrates how forgiveness can heal wounds, bring peace to relationships, and ultimately lead to a deeper sense of joy and freedom. As the Feathertons learn to forgive and let go of resentment, they discover that forgiveness is a precious treasure that has the power to spread love, peace, and joy throughout the forest, reminding readers of the transformative nature of forgiveness and its significance in our lives.