Create colorful QR Codes with your own photos or videos for your marketing needs! 

  • Business Cards
  • Marketing Material
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Restaurant Menus

Create a new QR Code or scan your old boring QR codes and create your new QR code easily. 

Creates static or animated QR Codes
Set scan options

Gather scan statistics

Set a Password
Set scan limits on the number of scans
Set expiration date/time with optional redirect URL when expired.
Set cloaking to hide original URL from user.

Gather Statistics
Know how many people have scanned your QR Code
Know what cities/countries/devices/browsers used when scanning your QR Code
Analyze the scans by days, weeks, or months.

Static QR Code
Static QR Codes are for printing, you may export from QR Pics in multiple sizes, great for small print to larger banners.
Animated QR Code
Animated QR Codes are great for anywhere the user may see on a monitor or presentation.

Make your QR Codes do so much more!

Play a video

Play a video immediately after user scans your QR Code.

Open Website

Opens your website after user scans your QR Code.

Send Message

Create text message pre-populated with recipient and text after user scans your QR Code.

Plain Text

Use this for custom opportunities that are not currently available.

Send email

Create an email with pre-populated recipient, subject and body, ready to be sent after user scans your QR Code.

Dial Phone Number

Dial a phone number after user scans your QR Code.


Allows users to join a WIFI network after user scans your QR Code.

Contact card

Enter your contact info into the device of users that scan your QR Code.


Enable tracking to gather information on scans of your QR Codes.

Enable Tracking

Enable or Disable QR Code scan tracking.


Add a numeric password to your QR Codes that users must enter after they scan your QR Code.

scan expiration

Set expiration date/time for your QR Code.  You may also enter a URL to redirect users when the QR Code has expired.

Enable cloaking

Hides original URL from users, some websites do not support this.

scan limit

Enter a limit of number of scans a QR Code may be scanned.


Get analytical data from the scans of your QR Codes!

See the data by:

All Scans, Today, Yesterday, Last Month, This Month, This Week, Last 7 Days or Last 30 Days


Lists all the cities and counts of scans of your QR Code.


Lists all the countries and counts of scans of your QR Code.

Operating systems

List all the operating systems (devices) and counts of scans of your QR Code.


List all the browsers used and counts of scans of your QR Code.

See your scans as a bar chart!

See data by:

Days, Weeks or Months

Option Demos

Password Protect your QR Codes

Setting  Limit Number of Scans

Setting Expiration Date/Time

App Screenshots

QR Codes are fully customizable, you may crop the image/gif, change foreground or background colors.


This is the main screen of a created QR Code, from here you have many options.


Selecting the image/GIF, you can crop or rotate the image.


You can allow QRPics to show you colors pulled from your image, or you may chose your own.  You can also use the built in "eye dropper" to select a color from your QR Code.

Getting Started

Download QRPics from the Apple App Store and starting making you own QR Codes.


Download the app from the Apple App Store.  


We hope you enjoy making your own QR Codes.  You may also scan your exiting QR Codes and import them into QRPics.